RV Trailer Frame Construction – part 1

Stock Metal Cutting

Time to put the horizontal bandsaw to work, and cut up the stock to the appropriate lengths.

For the main trailer frame, 2″ square, 0.120″ wall steel was used. This would add some weight to the frame, approximately 3lbs per linear foot. Approximately 31ft was used, therefore this would add 31 lbs to the weight.

Cutting 2″ square, 0.120″ wall stock for the main frame.
Cutting the stock with the horizontal bandsaw. The machine was set for quite a slow cut, since a cleaner cut resulted (and also allowed me to grab a a drink of water while it was cutting).
More cuts
45° cut, since this will make one of the corners of the frame.

Frame Layup

Measure, measure, then check the measurements – and several clamps.

A combination of right angle magnets, clamps, and scrap wood was used to align the stock steel in to the main frame.

Frame Welding

Time to make the electricity meter spin, and start welding.



One of the corners welded – 3 more to go.

The frame coming along….


More Welding

More welding – to make the frame more rigid – well, welding can get addictive.

2″ angle was used for the cross members.

Cross members in place