Jack Stands – Welding Project


Using some 1″ square and angle stock, along with some 2″ I.D. tube, the following jack stands were built.

Cutting the 2″ pipe – this will be used at the top of the stand to accept the axle that it is supporting.

Grizzly model G9742 swivel head bandsaw cutting the 2″ pipe.

All of the parts cut, ready for some welding.


Jack stands ready for welding
Jack stands ready for welding

One stand welded, now on to the next.


Jack stands - during construction
Jack stands – one welded (left), one ready to be welded (right)

After cleaning up the metal with some scotchbrite pads, 3 coats (perhaps it was more) of some black Krylon paint was applied.

Painting jack stands
Painting jack stands with several coats of Krylon spray paint.

The finished product – ready for use in the hangar!

Jack stand - finished
Jack stand – finished