Arduino Based RFID Reader


This is was a simple project to read the Honeywell/HID Corporation HID security badges that are used by a lot of businesses. I used this to quickly determine the badge’s ID so that I could get the security department to update the building access settings.

The reader comprises of a ProxPoint Plus reader, initially connected to an Arduino Uno (clone). The prototype circuit used a 2×16 serial enabled LCD panel. I found that the 2 lines were a bit to limiting for displaying all of the pertinent information, so this was changed to a larger 4×20 display.

RFID Reader
Initial bootup text

The circuit is a very simple ‘reference’ design utilizing an Atmel ATmega328P micro-controller, 16MHz oscillaltor,  7805 based 5v power regulator, built on some Veroboard. I then managed to squeeze all of this in to a Hammond Manufacturing 1590BB die cast aluminum enclosure. A spare 12v power supply (from some consumer electronics) was used to provide power.

RFID Reader
Waiting to scan a card
RFID Card Scan
Result from scanning an old security card
RFID Card Scan
Note the badge’s card number, which is displayed on the LCD. This badge uses the longer 35 bit code, which does not have a facility code.
RFID Underside of board
This is the underside of the main circuit board – which is the track side of the Veroboard.
RFID Top View
Top view of the main circuit board. 7805 voltage regulator in the top left, power and card reader screw terminals on the left (green), 16 pin header on the lower left for the connection to the LCD, blue trimpot for LCD contrast, reset button bottom right next to a 2×3 ISCP header. The ATMega328P is on the top right (28pin).


List of parts:

ProxPoint Plus 6005BGB00 / 6005-320-02 – these can be procured on eBay quite cheaply