Inflight Traffic – ForeFlight with the Stratus 2 + AHARS


Some screen grabs from my iPad mini, which was running ForeFlight, connected to a Stratus 2 ADS-B Receiver Рsecond generation.

While flying some practice IFR approaches in to Lincoln (KLHM), I had my friend’s Stratus set up in the cockpit to receive any ADS-B out traffic. Since my plane does not have ADS-B out capability, only traffic would be depicted from nearby ‘already’ queried aircraft.

I enabled the traffic display on ForeFlight prior to take off. Even on the ground (KAUN is approx 1500ft above sea level) we were able to receive some TIS-B info.

Here’s a screen shot of a Piper Malibu Mirage (N229MA) flying to the east of us, probably en-route to San Jose (KSJC). It was at 10,800ft above us, approximately 12,312ft above sea level, and a British Airways B747, flight BAW284, flying from San Francisco (KSFO) to London Heathrow (EGLL) 22,300ft above us, and climbing:

Strtaus Traffic display on ForeFlight
A Piper Malibu Meridian N229MA flying to the east of us, 10,800ft above our altitude, and a British Airways B747, flight BAW284, flying from KSFO -> EGLL, at 22,300ft above us and climbing.


Here’s a screen shot taken after landing at KLHM, of Virgin America’s flight 809 flying from Los Angeles to Portland, passing nearby overhead, notice how the airspace around Beale AFB (KBAB) had an active TFR too (I was in contact with NorCal approach, so no issues with busting the airspace):

ForeFlight with Stratus 2 traffic display
ForeFlight with Stratus 2 traffic display

Since the Stratus 2 receiver also includes a basic AHARS system, so I had my iPhone 4S running the Stratus Horizon app (here it is in the iTunes store – free) to monitor the flight – good if there was a vacuum instrument failure during the flight:

Stratus Horizon
Stratus Horizon App running on an iPhone 4S

I suppose it’s time to save for a Stratus receiver – they are not *that* cheap, but not too expensive: Stratus ADS-B Receiver