Firewall Preparation


Cleaning up the firewall prior to priming.

After investing in some additional Scotch-Brite circular pads – the rest of the paint was removed.

The heater box was also removed, along with all of the firewall plates around the cables. The brake reservoir was emptied and removed (this is just looks like a modified solvent can….).

I then covered the heater box and rudder pedal linkages with a trash sack. The rest of the holes in the firewall were taped up.

Next – I covered the front of the plane with a heavy plastic sheet – in an attempt to prevent any overspray.

The surface was then degreased/cleaned with Simple Green Extreme (the aviation friendly version – the normal stuff can dissolve aluminum…). After this it was rinsed with water. Then a solution of metalprep was used to lightly etch the surface. This was also rinsed with water.

Finally, I was ready to apply a coat of self etching primer. For this, I used some Sherwin-Williams 988 G.B.P. Self Etching Primer (

Firewall painted with self etching primer
Next step – wait for the primer to dry, then apply the top coat.