Engine Tear Down Prep


Before engine teardownIn process of teardown

Time to prepare the engine for removal, so that the engine mount can be checked, ‘overhauled’ as necessary, prior to the new engine coming in. Also, the propeller and governor needed to be removed ready for swapping out with the new ones.

With some help from Dan, I removed a lot of the engine accessories, tagged the parts, and got the plane ready to hand over to Michael so he can remove the engine and prop.

  •  Cowl removed
  • Alternator + starter removed, cables labelled and tied out of the way
  • Spark plugs removed
  • Ignition harness
  • Magnetos removed
  • Air filter box and associated SCAT tubing removed
  • Prop governor
  • Prop spinner – though I removed all of the back plate bolts, then zip tied it back in place to make it easier to remove the prop.
  • Oil coolers – so that I could remove some of the baffles
  • Oil hoses – since they were run through the engine mount exhaust disconnected (and labelled) the JPI EDM probes (EGT/CHT)
  • scat tubing for the exhaust shroud

The plane looks a bit more naked:

Before TeardownArrow

The plane will be without engine, prop and engine mount later this week. Since the nose wheel is part of the engine mount it will become the Cherokee Six tail dragger…..