Parts Arriving

As one of my friends warned me – get ready for all of the shipments to arrive, soon you will know the Fedex and UPS delivery drivers by first name… A Fedex sticker was left on my door stating that a signature was required for a box shipped from Alaska. So – off to Roseville…

Engine Tear Down Prep

Time to prepare the engine for removal, so that the engine mount can be checked, ‘overhauled’ as necessary, prior to the new engine coming in. Also, the propeller and governor needed to be removed ready for swapping out with the new ones. With some help from Dan, I removed a lot of the engine accessories,…

New Interior

The original interior, well, the one that was in my Cherokee Six when I bought it in 2001 dates from the 1970s. Shagadelic! After a couple of phone calls with Dodd Stretch, Airtex Products, I decided on going with a grey leather interior, and a ‘flint’ colored carpet.

Engine Ordered

The order was finalized with Western Skyways – and my exchange engine, complete with new Lycoming cylinders has been ordered. Time to get the old engine off the plane and get ready to ship out the engine mount for inspection and overhaul.

Propeller Ordered

After several conversations with Brian Sutton, Professional Pilots, whom owns the STC for the Hartzell 3-blade Scimitar prop, and Brian Sullivan, of Sullivan Propeller Services, I settled on the McCauley 3-blade prop, and a new PCU5000 governor.

“The checks are in the mail”

Almost a month with the Six being down, I finally sorted out the funding and it is time to start work on the plane to upgrade the plane. The bank called yesterday to say that I should have the checks by today, so I can start getting the orders placed for the engine overhaul, the…

Heart Monitor

Since the current engine monitor, a JPI EDM-700 does not track the engine’s RPM or Manifold Pressure, it was deemed time to upgrade. Since the new EDM-830 has a far superior display, and has a USB port (versus my serial port) the data transfer will be a lot easier. The order with Aircraft Spruce was…


With the new engine being built up, I ordered new baffles – these are being shipped out of Alaska.

Which Prop?

Time to overhaul the original 2-bladed propeller. When I found that the cost of upgrading to a 3-bladed prop was not too out of the budget, I started to compare the choices: Hartzell Top-Prop McCauley Black Max MT Time for some research and homework on the choice.