Time to upgrade


The Cherokee Six

After the engine decided to voice it’s opinion that it needed another cylinder to be replaced, it was time to review my options.

I could replace the latest cylinder, which would then account for 4 out of the 6 cylinders being replaced. However, what would happen next? A trend seems to be forming.

I could replace the remaining 3 cylinders – in essence undertaking (another) top overhaul. Since I did a top-overhaul in late 2004, would this be worth it – trying to milk the engine for more use?


 I could bite the bullet, and overhaul the engine.

I decided on the last option – time to overhaul the engine!

Well – since the propeller has to have it’s hub flushed, and possibly overhauled – humm, what about a 3-blader?

Then my girlfriend said: “You ARE replacing the interior? Aren’t you?”

So – here goes:

  • Engine Overhaul
  • Propeller
  • Interior….